SEASONS owner and operator Deborah Young, has loved playing in the dirt since she was two years old. “I planted my first seed (a Morning Glory that still blooms to this day) when I was four!” she laughs. Since then she has always had a love and affinity for nature and gardening, showing a high aptitude in science and majoring in marine biology during her college years.

It wasn’t until owning her first home that really set her in the direction of gardening and landscaping. Marveling at the transformation Deborah created in her back yard, friends and neighbors quickly requested help and advice with their own. This lead Deborah to construct small green houses, growing wide varieties of plants and flowers and truly discovering what it took to be a gardener. She always dreamt of owning a gardening business in the heart of Brooklyn, and in 2012 saw that dream come to fruition.

"Back in the day you could get everything you needed here in Brooklyn. Then at the end of the 60s that all went away. I remember what it was like being a mother of five and having to go all the way out of the neighborhood just to get nice stuff. I want to bring Brooklyn back to it’s glory days - so people don't need to drive somewhere else to get what they need. They can walk from their homes to get their plants, flowers and Christmas Trees!”

Deborah likens SEASONS to visiting 'a favorite auntie' - "It’s not sophisticated and glamorous, but its warm, cozy and everything you need is there and we get things done in a professional manner. If it isn’t there, we’ll get it for you in a timely and cost-effective way."

When you come to SEASONS, you’re coming to Deborah's sanctuary, which can be your sanctuary where you'll get a great smile and quality products at a good price.

(And if you’re up to it, some great conversation as well!)

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